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New Research Highlights Just One In Seven Diagnosed Cancers Are Found By A Recommended Screening Test

This was the startling conclusion from a study conducted at the University of Chicago in 2022.

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the USA and yet conventional screening tests to find this horrible disease are quite limited.  The researchers in Chicago looked at the five cancers that currently have recommended screening tests (prostate, breast, cervical, colorectal, and lung) and calculated what percent of total cancer cases they represented.

“Our analysis found that, at present, only 14% of diagnosed cancers are detected by screening with a recommended screening test.” They also completed an in depth analysis for each state and in the Great Lakes region. They found:

In Michigan – Only 15.5 % of cancers were detected by a recommended screening test.

In Ohio – Only 14.1% of cancers were detected by a recommended screening test.

In Indiana  – Only 12.8% of cancers were detected by a recommended screening test.

In Illinois  – Only 13.1% of cancers were detected by a recommended screening test.

One of the conclusions from the Chicago study was “Improved cancer screening has the potential to detect cancers earlier when treatment is more likely to improve outcomes and save lives.” There are countless cases every year of pancreatic, brain, kidney, and ovarian and other types of cancers that are diagnosed only after extensive spread has occurred in the body – because until recently there were no screening tests available.

The physicians at Synergy Longevity Centers have developed a better approach to the cancer screening problem, using a combination of the “Synergy DeepScan” Whole Body MRI, done at our office in Novi, MI, in conjunction with a cell free DNA blood test that identifies potential cancer growth. Using this approach, patients now have new tools to screen for the other 86% of cancers that have been previously undetected on screening exams. 

Please contact us here and find out how Synergy can help you detect cancer even before symptoms develop.

Do it for yourself. Do it for your family.