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Whole-Body MRI in Novi, MI

Synergy Longevity Centers offers our proprietary Synergy DeepScan whole-body MRI to detect early signs of disease even in asymptomatic patients.

MRI machine

Whole-Body MRI Q & A

Synergy Longevity Centers has collaborated with radiologists trained at the nation’s top institutions to create our proprietary whole-body MRI imaging protocol, Synergy DeepScan.

Synergy DeepScan is performed by the staff at Regional Medical Imaging at our shared office in Novi, MI. MRI screening is a non-invasive imaging modality that does not use any radiation or dyes/contrast. It frequently enables identification of tumors and other abnormalities before symptoms develop, optimizing outcomes and longevity by detecting disease very early on.

What Does the Whole-Body MRI: Synergy Deepscan Image?

The Synergy Deepscan Whole-Body MRI images the patient from the top of the head to the mid-thigh. This includes the head, neck, chest, abdomen, and pelvis. Lower and upper extremities are not part of the DeepScan but can be imaged based on risk factors and family history.

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