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Offering this benefit could save your employee’s life.


Encourage a proactive approach to your team’s health and wellness with the support of the services at Synergy Longevity Centers.

Proactive healthcare services that go above and beyond.

Improve Recruiting and Retention

Offer your employees the best healthcare possible with Synergy's extensive service list including our:

  • Synergy DeepScan: Whole-Body MRI
  • Multi-Cancer Detection Test
  • Comprehensive Heart Testing
  • Nutritional Evaluation
  • Gut Health Testing
  • Stool Testing
  • 80+ biomarker evaluation via bloodwork
Improved outcomes with savings in the short and long term
    Early detection leads to improved outcomes. Tests that cost a few hundred dollars may save you tens of thousands in future costs. Keep your team proactive about their health with Synergy's services.
Lead the way in Employee Care
    As the only center in the Midwest to offer these preventative services under one roof, Synergy is leading the way in proactive healthcare.

    Find out how you can add these services to your employee benefits to be a trailblazer in employee health and wellness.

Adding Synergy’s services gives employees what they want….


of US adults said preventive care was the workplace benefit that mattered to them the most (Society for Human Resources Management, 2022).


organizations across the globe offer at least one kind of wellness benefit (Harvard Business Review, 2019).


of these benefits are utilized by employees (Harvard Business Review, 2019).

…all while saving lives and cutting costs.


of diagnosed cancers in the US were not caught by recommended screening or don’t have a screening test at all.


of employers said they have seen more late-stage cancers in 2022 and another 44% anticipate seeing an increase in the future.


are spent by employers on cancer related medical costs (Society for Human Resource Management, 2022).

Why Choose Synergy?

  • Step-by-step guidance with high-touch experience
  • All testing completed on-site
  • Flexibility of scheduling to fit your needs
  • Detailed summary and recommendation report and then reviewed with one of our physicians
  • Readily available access to our physicians
  • Prioritized scheduling
  • Preferred rates for groups of 10, 25, and 50+
  • Payment plans available
  • Custom health solutions
  • Data-driven and confidential
  • Extensive executive services not offered by other healthcare systems
  • Accessible via all major highways for ease of transportation
  • On-site lunch and learns, webinars, employee forums, and on-site sign-ups
  • Executive physicals which can be completed in less than 6 hours

The Ultimate Executive Physical

Synergy Longevity Center’s Ultimate Executive Physical ensures your executive team’s health and wellness.

With the Ultimate Executive Physical, you get a personalized and comprehensive:

  • A snapshot of your health now
  • A benchmark for future tests, exams, imaging, and physicals
  • An actionable plan to improve your health and wellness

This entire test can be completed within 1 work day – minimizing loss of time and involving no travel from Metro-Detroit.

Find out how Synergy Longevity Center’s Ultimate Executive Physical stands above the rest:

Executive Physical Comparison Chart

Join us in shaping the future of employee well-being.

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