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A personal choice to take control.

The decision to undergo a whole body MRI is a personal one. Some patients have a strong family history of cancer and want the scan to make sure they do not have a hidden malignancy. The numbers are concerning: 86% of current cancers do not have a screening test for detection at an early stage. What’s more concerning is that approximately 70% of deaths due to cancer are secondary to cancers that do not have a screening test. This means they are detected after someone has developed symptoms. There is a growing trend for people take control over their healthcare and appreciate the ability to detect cancer and other disease with a whole-body MRI. Synergy Longevity Centers is here to help you do just that.

The hesitation.

There is a some hesitation around the need for whole-body MRI’s. However, this same hesitation has occurred with almost every new medical advancement. For example, mammograms were developed in the 1960’s – yet it took more than a decade before they were recommended by medical organizations as an important screening exam that women now rely on. Skeptics of the whole-body MRI argue that increased testing will lead to discoveries that require further testing and investigation. Since this is not yet a test designed for screening large populations like mammogram are, there will be a lower likelihood for additional testing. Keep in mind, the same issue has occurred with essentially every new medical screening exam such as the PSA test for prostate cancer and stool occult blood testing for colon cancer.

The benefits.

Despite the concern being raised about whole-body MRIs, there is promise for detection of cancer and other diseases at very early stages. Numerous studies have shown that early cancer detection leads to better treatment options and improved outcomes. Synergy Longevity Centers has created the Synergy DeepScan, our proprietary whole-body MRI, designed to detect cancer and other diseases at its earliest stages, even before symptoms begin. This test is mean to help you take control of your health and to keep yourself healthy. Synergy is focused and dedicated to helping our patients become proactive with their healthcare. Imagine detecting cancer at an easily treatable stage – saving a person from extensive surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. This is now possible at Synergy Longevity Centers.

Be proactive with your health with Synergy.

Too many cancers are detected after symptoms begin, which is often when it has spread throughout your body making it very difficult to treat. Synergy Longevity Centers wants to help you take control of your health, starting with a Synergy DeepScan whole-body MRI.

Interested in a Synergy DeepScan, whole-body MRI? Contact us here!