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The numbers are concerning.

More than 1 out 3 people will develop cancer in their lifetime and the global incidence of cancer is rising. Currently, only 5 cancers currently having regular screening tests (prostate, breast, colorectal, lung, and cervical cancers), leaving 86% of cancers to be detected when symptoms develop.

What does that translate to? 70% of cancer deaths are caused by cancers that do not have a screening test. Synergy Longevity Centers is revolutionizing early cancer detection. We use a combination of tests that detect cancer before symptoms develop because early detection saves lives.

50+ Cancers. 1 blood test.

Synergy Longevity Centers has developed a detailed cancer-focused screening assessment for our patients. One of the tests used in this assessment is the Galleri Multi-Cancer Early Detection Test, which was chosen by Time Magazine as one of the best innovations of 2022. This cutting-edge blood test is used for the early detection of over 50 types of cancer by analyzing your blood for circulating tumor DNA. The expansive number of cancers it identifies makes it very unique, as most other screening tests focus on a single type of cancer. If cancer is present, it is up to 99.5% accurate in detecting the tumor DNA (check out the studies here). Additionally, a recent study found about 50% of the cancers detected by Grail testing were found in a early stage and were are often curable.

What’s in the cancer-focused assessment?

The cancer-focused assessment at Synergy includes the Synergy DeepScan: Whole-Body MRI, 2 Galleri multi-cancer detection tests spaced 1 year apart to ensure no changes from your initial test, and a stool test to look for microscopic signs of cancer in our colon. These tests work synergistically to detect cancer BEFORE symptoms develop.

An important note:

The cancer-focused assessment, which includes the Galleri test, is not intended to replace traditional cancer screening methods but to complement them to further enhance early detection and treatment possibilities. The tests included in the cancer-focused assessment are meant to adjunct current screening recommendations and help fill in the gap that traditional screening methods leave open.

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