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The importance of being proactive – staying one step ahead.

Steve Jobs, the Co-Founder of Apple, died tragically at the age of 56 from a pancreatic tumor. He often referred to the concept of making a “dent in the universe” to convey his vision of creating a lasting impact through innovation and meaningful contributions to the world. How would our lives be different if he had lived longer?

In every business, there are visionaries whose creativity and knowledge are crucial to the success of a company and help to ensure that that all their employees benefit from their skills. Yet the vast majority of corporations do nothing to screen for diseases and conditions in their key employees, which could dramatically affect the success of the corporation.

Mitigate employee health risks.

Business owners purchase expensive insurance policies to mitigate the risks of losses due to fire, malware and natural disasters, yet few spend any money on preventative medicine. Just think – if Steve Jobs had undergone an annual screening whole body MRI, it is likely that his tumor would have been discovered at an earlier stage. However, screening MRI scans were not used in 2011 – they were only used to evaluate patients who already HAD symptoms. Unfortunately, this is still a very common practice in conventional medicine today. We can do better.

Promote a proactive stance on wellness and health with Synergy.

Synergy Longevity Centers offers employers the ability to customize health packages for each individual with the goal of maintaining a healthy team through proactive health screenings and testing. We understand that each person has a unique medical, familial, and social history, and are able to work with companies across North America to ensure the health of each of their employees. We use tests that are only available at Synergy Longevity centers to stay one step ahead.

Employers working with Synergy show their teams that they care about their wellbeing outside of work, help promote healthier lives, increase productivity and retention, and attract new talent. Synergy is the perfect complement to your current health benefits.

Are you an employer interested in seeing how Synergy can help keep your team healthy?

Please contact us to see how the Synergy DeepScan: Whole body MRI, Galleri multi-cancer detection test and advanced cardiovascular testing can help prevent a tragedy in your business and family.