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The healthcare system in the United States is one of the best in the world – if you are suffering from an acute illness or injury. However, one of the biggest weaknesses of this system is the lack of emphasis on disease prevention and early detection. Currently, programs have been developed to screen for heart disease using an EKG and basic cholesterol testing. There is also an emphasis on detecting breast cancer by using mammography and colon cancer using colonoscopies, yet many other diseases and cancers are not screened for. Introducing, the ultimate executive physical: The Synergy Longevity Evaluation.

About 30 years ago, the executive physical concept was developed to help screen patients predominantly for cardiovascular diseases. Participants would get a stress test, chest x-ray, and lab work to help detect disease. Yet, here we are 3 decades later and the screening process for an executive physical  is essentially the same – despite all of the advances in disease detection!

The team at Synergy Longevity Centers wants you to be proactive, not reactive about your health.

The physicians at Synergy Longevity Centers have developed one of the most comprehensive screening programs available in the United States for mean and women. Using a combination of tests including the Synergy DeepScan: Whole Body MRI, the Galleri cell-free DNA cancer test, advanced cardiovascular lab testing and coronary artery evaluation, the Synergy Longevity Evaluation may help detect multiple diseases at a stage where a cure or early treatment is possible. These tests compliment the preventative testing recommended by the US Preventative Task Force recommendations.

It’s time to take control of your health. 

Interested in the Synergy Longevity Evaluation? Find out more here.

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